Foxgear Synister Distortion


The Synister is one potent piece of distortion gear. Thanks to Foxgear’s pioneering distortion circuit “DynaFET™” made of multi-stage Class A FET, the Sinister is capable of reaching an insane amount of gain. Yet, it can keep tone very focused even in bass frequencies. The sinister provides an ultra, amp-like distortion that easily reaches rich harmonics. With the Synister’s full tone stack, players can quickly sculpt their own tone, from brown sound to extreme modern metal tones the Synister has it all within reach.
SoundTone is everything. And the Synister delivers on all fronts. The DynaFET distortion circuit allows for insane distortion levels, while keeping the bass frequencies in check. Although the Synister is naturally a modern ultra-gain effect, you can let it loose for an 80's brown sound too.


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