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LoFi Mind Effects - Electric Warrior

LoFi Mind Effects - Electric Warrior

Authorized USA Dealer- Instock and ready to ship asap!
Amazing build quality,craftsmenship & tone. Handbuilt in Spain.

The Electric Warrior is a Silicon TRIPLE fuzz, based on the Zonk II// Shatterbox//JHS Rangemaster, and in general on Marc Bolan's distorted guitar sound.

LOUD: Controls the amount of volume coming out of the pedalGLITT: Controls the amount of distortion that is added to the signal. the last part of the potentiometer travel causes the circuit to destabilize, becoming self-oscillating and emitting various t-Rex roars.MODE: The electric Warrior has a 3-position rotary selector. In the first position you will have an attenuated sound, lower than the rest of the positions, based on the Zonk II sound, in the middle position you have a sound that is quite reminiscent of a Rangemaster Treblebooster, but much more twisted and powerful, and in the last position you have a hyper-vitaminized Fuzz and with an extreme volume output compared to the 1st position.

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